Italian Insights is very proud to have joined forces with Francesco Pirelli of LAI Viaggi srl. He has over 20 years of travel experience and his Private Sicily is unmatched in its ability to showcase the best that Sicily has to offer.
Cetti Mangano, founder of Italian Insights and Italian Insights Tour, was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily and studied at the Università Orientale in Naples, Italy where she worked her way through school as a representative for an international travel company.
Cetti brings an invaluable perspective to anyone wanting to learn more about Italy or to help bridge the differences between American and Italian cultures.  After living and teaching for over twenty years between the United States and Italy, she has learned to tailor her approach to accommodate all needs.  Her programs can range from intensive one-on-one language instruction to organized tours.
Italian Insights was formed in 2005 recognizing that the Washington DC metropolitan area was interested in all aspects of Italian culture.  We provide a wide range of consulting and teaching services to satisfy both business and personal interests including business etiquette, language, cuisine, and leisure travel.
Our clientele range from international corporate executives who required insights across cultures to people of all ages who want to explore all that Italy has to offer.  While each program is unique, they are all enjoyable experiences that provide a lasting insight into the breadth of Italian culture.  Our methods are consistently successful because of our passion for Italy and a life-long dedication to learning. 
Please enjoy and use this website to explore your interests in Italian traditions and language. Your kind suggestions for improvements are always appreciated.

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