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Italian for Business

We have extensive experience in providing tailored solutions designed for executives and critical staff personnel dealing with Italian companies and Italy. From personalized and private consultation to the chairman or chief executive, to small group lessons for other key staff. Our programs are sure to prepare you for that next step by giving your company the edge in confronting contemporary Italian business and culture. 

Executive Program

This tailored course is designed to provide key leaders a better understanding of Italian culture and society. This one-on-one session starts from our basic outline:
  • Development of basic skills in speaking, reading, writing of the Italian  language
  • Exploration of Italian culture, geography and society
  • Discussion of current events in Italy

One part of the session will focus on current events as reported in Italian newspapers to give more advanced students additional skills.
The course provides the option to divert into focused 30 minute sessions to prepare executives to anticipate and prepare for issues arising from real-world events.

Standard Program for up to eight person groups

Beginner level courses provide students with basic skills in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension of Italian language and culture.
Advanced courses focus on expanding comprehension of Italian language, culture, geography and society through current events and literature. Students practice conversation on a variety of topics that reflect real-life situations.

Casual Italian Conversation for
Intermediate and Advanced Learners

Conversiamo in italiano! Italian conversation sessions for students of intermediate and advanced Italian level. Our meetings take place in a casual setting such as a coffee shop or cafe where we can freely converse and practice Italian.

Intermediate Level Conversation Meetings:
Tuesdays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Advanced Level Conversation Meetings:
Call for more informations

Italian for International Baccalaureate Diploma & Certificates

Classes for high school students pursuing the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma or certificates wanting to take IB Italian Language B classes at either standard (SL) or higher (HL) levels.
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